Visual Assignment Pt. 3D: Draw It

Prompt: Take a photograph of something (If you take a picture from the internet, make sure to be nice and cite the original) and transform it through GIMP, Photoshop, etc, into a drawing.

This is a 2 star prompt.

Last week, I started my archaeology field school. My class of six people is working on a Rappahannock tribe site connected to the Nanzatico. We started with digging shovel test pits. Then we mapped out units to dig and set up our dig space.


We only dig the plow zone, which is the first foot or so of soil. The shovel the dirt from our dig unit into buckets. It is a long and slow process.


We take the buckets and dump them onto large screens used to sift the dirt. One person stands on each side of the screen and meticulously looks through every single dirt clump. As we sift through the dirt, the small grains and pebbles fall through the screen to a wheelbarrow below.

My two teammates sifting through dirt. I blurred out one person’s face since I don’t have their permission to post their face online.

The goal of this dig is to find Rappahannock artifacts. Maybe these artifacts are connected to one of the previous site owners, Ned “Gunstocker,” or maybe they are connected to other indigenous groups or colonizers. We found lots of ceramic pieces. We even found a native bead. But the best find was a projectile point.

IMG_20230518_103659 (1)

Everyone was soooo happy about that find. Even if we find nothing else, this will be the highlight of our archaeological dig.

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