Visual Assignment Pt. 3C: Mixing 2 Worlds

Prompt: Using an editing software, edit a photo and crop to an 11×17. Then add text for the location or something fun.

This is a 3 star prompt.

For this assignment, I wanted to do something slightly fun. Being a lover of architecture, I decided to use this image of the Hearst Castle pool. This is an indoor Roman pool. From the image, it just looks like a flat floor space.

I’m also a fan of Star Trek. I’ve probably watched everything Star Trek, except the movies. I don’t really enjoy the movies. So thinking about the challenges presented by architectural space and the challenges presented by actual space, I thought this was an apt statement. Additionally, the blue and gold in the picture kind of mirror some of the images one might see in outer space.

Hopefully this resonates with preservationists and trekkies.

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The image is used for educational purposes only.

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