Visual Assignment Pt. 3B: Your Favorite Photo

Prompt: It’s simple. Choose your favorite photo you’ve taken and tell everyone why you love it so much.

This is a 1.5 star prompt.

This is my favorite photo. Yes, it’s a photo of myself. Usually my favorite photos are nature pictures. Rarely do I have a favorite photo of myself. in fact, I don’t enjoy taking pictures and often avoid being the subject of any photo.

I took this about a week after returning home from my study abroad trip in Paris, France last year. I was sitting on my couch, in front of the living room window. I decided to talk a couple selfies, just wasting some time. In my mind, I was envisioning the Mona Lisa, which I had seen at the Louvre not too long ago. The actual Mona Lisa wasn’t an impressive picture. At least, not like people make it out to be.

I took a couple photos, just sitting there. The pose was the same but I changed my expression slightly. Maybe a smile or a slight move of the head. Ultimately, I fell in love with this selfie. The lighting contrast is good. I don’t even mind it that some hairs are out of place because it’s a natural photo. No enhancements, no filters.

I’ve got a big nose and big eyes. Often, in photos, my eyes go right to my nose. It has always annoyed me. But here, my attention is drawn to my eyes. I love that. Plus, my gray hairs aren’t super obvious due to the lighting. That is nice because sometimes my gray hair makes me look a lot older than I am. Right now, this is my favorite photo.

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