Remake That Genre!

Prompt: Pick a song from any genre such as, rock, pop, latin music, electronica, etc. and then find another version of that song in a DIFFERENT genre. Once you find the song in a different genre post the original and the remake and explain which you like better and why. Be creative and have fun!

This is a 3.5 star assignment.


One thing about me is that I am extremely musical. At any given point in my day, a song is in my mind. I often randomly break out into song as if my life is a musical or I’m part of a flash mob. People around me may not always get the song reference because my musical tastes are quite eclectic. Overall though, I’m partial to R&B and soul music. One genre of music that I don’t enjoy is country. I think I have maybe five country songs total on my playlist, and those have been mixed with a little hip hop or R&B to be more acceptable to my ears.

For my digital studies blog, I like to complete assignments that connect to me as a person. It can sometimes be difficult to tell a story about my life and have it align with whatever is required. This time it was incredibly difficult. The songs I wanted to choose were not songs commonly made in other genres. At least, not yet. I was surprised because I thought nearly every R&B song had a country version out there.

And now….a warning. These songs have adult themes and strong imagery. Not recommended for anyone under age 18.


For this assignment, I chose the song Earth Is Ghetto by Aliah Sheffield. Its genre is R&B/soul. I found this song earlier this year and really connected with it. I often feel like I don’t belong on this planet or like the people here are crazy. Often our systems, politics, laws, and daily life requirements make no sense. And after all the civil rights uproar during the COVID pandemic, I feel even less comfortable in this place. This song touches something deep in my core and expresses thoughts that are difficult for me to say out loud to others. Just for fun, I chose a version with some funny TikTok videos in it to lighten the mood. That being said, the song is a serious one and I hope you will focus on the message.

It was difficult to find this song in a different genre. But, that happened to be the case with every song I chose prior to settling on this one. There were some club mixes, acoustic versions, and acapella versions, but overall, nothing to write home about. Ultimately, they were still in the R&B and soul genre. Then, I found this unusual rap version which expanded on the ideas in Aliah’s song.

WARNING!!!! This song is not good. The guy can’t sing. But, he did try.

I definitely prefer the original version. The rap version could be a real hit with a little work. Maybe if it was by someone who can sing on key, and if the lyrics were refined. I can’t tell if the differing keys was a creative choice or if it was accidental. The original is far better and I look forward to hearing other genre’s remake the song as it gains popularity in other communities. I do love it that both songs have a unified message about corruption, civil rights, racist systems, and mistreatment of minorities and the poor. Maybe the second song had such musical dissonance as a metaphor for the actual lived dissonance of so many people in the world.

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