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Prompt: For one day, take a short video during every hour you’re awake, and then string the clips together to create a montage. The goal is to make a complete video that gives the person watching a full picture of your day. Experiment with video production and be creative! Try out different transitions, visuals, etc.

This assignment is based off of Jordan Taylor’s videos—check them out if you need some inspiration! (Note: in each Every Hour Vlog, Jordan filmed every hour on the hour. You don’t need to be quite as strict as that, but make sure you get at least one clip every hour.)

This is a 4 star assignment.

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As a fairly private person, it was a challenge to do this assignment. It was especially difficult since I spend the majority of my time on the road. Eventually, I just let the camera roll because it was too dangerous to try to control the camera while driving. My days are fairly boring because of the whole driving thing.

On Sundays, my family goes to church. You can check out my church website here. At church, we listen to the preacher and sing songs. I Love To Praise Him is a typical song we might sing. I love acapella music.

Afterwards, my family goes out to eat. Then home to relax. I usually work on my homework until midnight. That is pretty much my day. If I’m lucky, I eat two meals on a Sunday. But, this is not usually the case. Today, we just had Chinese food!

Chinese Food

For this day of recording, my children accompanied me. They thought it was fun to be in a video. My daughter was slightly hesitant, but when she realized that everything would be sped up, she didn’t mind anymore. I didn’t really enjoy this assignment because I had to carry the camera around and pull it out at weird times. That takes a lot of adjustment for me. Ultimately, I got it done. Welcome to my fairly boring life!

As you can see, I spend a lot of time driving. This particular day wasn’t even that bad. Normally, I spend 6-8 hours per day in my car. It was good to test out my new vlog camera. It did pretty well. I was concerned because my car is very shaky. Everything looks pretty good though. The only problem is near the end of the video where I was holding the camera rather than having it clipped to me. I’ll remember to keep if clipped next time to reduce some of the rough movements. I’ve learned so much about creating video and I can’t wait for this course to end so that I can put these things into effect.

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