Every image has dominance, I think. It’s the first thing in an image that draws your eye. For this image, I chose a picture that also metaphorically showed dominance, having bush in it that was larger than nearly everything else in the photo. I think I could have enhanced that photo by changing the background color of the other trees or the color of the bush.

Minimalism and Use of Space

I chose a picture I took coming down an escalator. The shop below was so organized and the use of space created a visual from above which I did not see at the floor level. Besides that, the objects laid out on the tables echoed the pattern seen in the railing on the second floor. The store was not filled with objects. They used their space in a creative way. It was clean, streamlined, and visually appealing.


I found this idea a bit challenging. Balance can be so many things: color balance, idea balance, image balance, etc. I thought my image of the setting sun in the sky juxtaposed against the sun’s reflection in the water created a sort of balance in the photo. I often take photos in nature where the reflection of the sky is seen in the water. I find it most appealing.


In the proportion picture, I focused on the comparison of dimensions. This photo was taken in the confederate section of a cemetery. The giant pyramid was created after the civil war. The stones which make up the pyramid are rough and do not fit together nicely, however, they create a large and stable whole. The proportion of this giant burial monument against the smaller headstones below might give the viewer many thoughts. One might question the importance of those memorialized by the pyramid versus those honored with headstones. The pyramid is even larger than the surrounding trees. The cost must have been immense and probably continues to be immense since it will need more care and maintenance than the surrounding smaller headstones. The monument is great, but it has many weaknesses.

Metaphors and Symbols

I tried to focus on complex ideas being represented through images. This was tough. I wanted to show the slow disappearance of burials in the face of nature. I think this image could have been a bit stronger. I did take images of large areas of cemetery engulfed in natural overgrowth. Those are powerful images, but they are complicated to view. The eye goes everywhere when viewing these photos and it can be overwhelming. I tried to simplify it by focusing in on one headstone. This photo shows the beginning stage of nature overtaking a cemetery. The end result is much messier.


The thing that resonated most with me from the color section was about the simplicity of colors. Using a color palette of 2-3 colors seems good. When walking to church, I was this building. It had a very basic color palette of blue, black, and white. The business is called Blue Bones. I’m not sure what that is a reference to, but it seems apt that they are keeping the color blue as the focus.


The lesson said I could learn as much from bad design as I could from good design. In this case, I chose a picture which uses typography that I thought could be improved. The image has a scripture on it. The dominant part of the image is the word “Believes.” That doesn’t really make sense to someone who doesn’t know what the scripture says. The scripture is is written at the top of the image, however, the color of the letters are dark red so that they blend in with the background. I think it would have been better to use a color such as black or green. Also, each letter in the word “Believes” is a different typeface and color. It’s chaotic and slightly challenging to read. I probably would have used a consistent font for this word.


Rhythm seems to be parts of an image that create a pattern or give the feeling of movement. I saw these squiggles on a plate when I went out to eat at an Asian restaurant. They created a pattern and suggested the idea of movement to me. I thought it was a good example of rhythm.

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