Create A T-Shirt

Prompt: For this assignment, you get to design your very own t-shirt! Find a blank t-shirt template, then add a picture or some text. It could be a joke, a pop culture reference, a movie quote, or anything else you want. #ds106, #DesignAssignments, #DesignAssignments1767


I am a person who often avoids and sometimes despises being in pictures. With the advent of social media and the increased use of the selfie, I have started doing my own random photo sessions. Basically, I just grab my camera, choose a location, and then take twenty photos with different expressions and such. Then, I delete the bad photos and keep the good ones. Over time, I have learned how to pose so that I look a bit thinner, so people can’t see how my glasses disfigure my face when looking through the lenses, or so that I learn how my face looks to others when I make certain expressions. The biggest lesson I learned is that I still hate to take photos. Occasionally, I have a resting bitch face photo that comes across and I decide to save it.

People usually take the most inopportune moments to take a photo. Last month, my father died. I remember at the funeral, one of my in-laws came up to me and asked me and my daughter to pose for a picture. I told her that it wasn’t the best time to pose. Her response was, “Oh, this photo isn’t for social media. It’s just for me.” As if that made it better. People have become so insensitive. On the heels of that, my own mom decided to ask for pictures of everyone at the repast. I get it that this “event” is one of the few times our family will be united. That doesn’t mean that any of us feel much like smiling. And who wants a photo of all of us in our deepest sorrow?

Other’s ‘F you attitudes’ have led me to have my own. I express these feelings of dissatisfaction and hurt in my own selfies sometimes. I don’t have any regrets for posting these selfies publicly. It feels good to be like, “Do I look like I care?” I do care, but it’s nice to pretend like I don’t. I wish people would step outside of social media for just a minute to sympathize with others and to act like humans again.

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