Create A Place

Prompt: For this assignment create a place by just using sound. For example, make the listener know where they are if outside use birds, cars, etc. You can get sounds from 


I always say that water is my spirit animal. Yes, I know that doesn’t make sense, but that’s how I feel. Water feels like a kindred spirit to me. It refuels me, refreshes me, uplifts me, inspires me, and so much more. And, I think I embody many features of water. Water is necessary for life. It cuts through strong rock just by persistence. Also, it can have devastating effects on surrounding areas if nature gets “angry.” Alternatively, it can have a calming affect on people. This is why I always take pictures of water when I’m out exploring.


Water is also alien. It doesn’t react the way one would expect it to. One of my favorite things is to watch YouTube videos about water. Take this one for example:

At night, I listen to “white noise” type of sounds such as light traffic or ocean waves so that I can sleep. I don’t care much for the extra sounds that happen near the water like the birds, the loud people, or loose animals. There is nothing more relaxing than to take a walk near the ocean, feel my feet in the sand, and listen to the waves crash against the shore.

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