Create A Movie Poster

Prompt: Create a “movie poster” for your picture. #ds106 #DesignAssignments #DesignAssignment110

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About two years ago, I bought my first ferret. Her name was Bandit. I’ve always wanted a pet ferret after reading Rikki Tikki Tavi in school. It’s not legal to have a mongoose, so I went for the next best thing: a ferret. From the beginning, Bandit was difficult. That’s why I named her Bandit. She constantly tried to escape her play areas. If I gave her toys, she would hide them away. If I accidentally dropped anything near her, she immediately ran to grab it and steal it away into a hiding hole somewhere.

Becoming a ferrent (ferret parent) was difficult. Bandit was smart, opinionated, and self-sufficient. It took me about six months to realize that part of the challenge is that she is deaf. She couldn’t hear me calling her by name, disciplining her, or saying kind things to her. I had to learn a completely new way to reward her good behaviors. After I adjusted my ferrenting style, Bandit and I bonded quickly.

Contrary to common belief, not all ferrets like to be cuddled. Bandit hates for us to touch her. Like a cat, she will rub against me, climb on me, lick me. But if I try to rub her, she immediately grabs my hands and pushes them away. Or she backs away from me. It’s odd having a pet with hands. Bandit can hold things. She can open things. She can show displeasure. She does all this just with her hands. It’s quite amazing to me.

After watching a lot of ferret videos and talking with other ferret owners, I realized that people have some practices which endanger their ferrets. It is important to monitor what they eat, ferret-proof their play and sleep areas, and care for their sensitive skin. Too many owners just let their ferrets run free, risking their lives on a daily basis. Too often, this undisciplined behavior leads to a ferret’s demise. For this assignment, I thought it would be good to create a cover for a self-help video to teach people how to take care of their ferrets.

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