Auditory Hell

Prompt: Create YOUR worst sound ever. Take audio clips of every single sound that you hate and put them all together to make The Worst Noise Ever.

This is a 1 star assignment. (NOTE: I’m not sure how these stars are handed out. This assignment took a lot of work. It should definitely be worth more than 1 star.)


This week, I spent a lot of time thinking about sounds that I like. But now, it’s time for sounds that I hate. Among these are high pitched sounds, cacophony, crickets chirping, babies screaming, chewing, nails on a chalkboard, girly screams, vomiting, belching, farting, gunshots, etc. There is a long list of things that annoy me. I used 13 sounds in the creation of this audio file. I wasn’t sure about how I wanted to present them. Eventually, I decided on a repetitive kind of sound with everything together, and then ended with the baby crying and the bell ringing.

My ears are very sensitive to sound. I mentioned it in a previous blog post called A Murder of Crows. You can read there for more information. Basically, I my hearing is acute. In daily life, I wear noise cancelling headphones all the time, even in class. Sound can be very dangerous, having the ability to produce waves which destroy everything in its path. Sonic warfare is a thing.

Read more about the destructive power of sound here.

I hesitated to do this assignment because of the negative impact some sounds have on me. Not to mention the PTSD I have from living in a neighborhood with a high crime rate. It’s common to hear gunshots, sirens, and squealing tires in my home. Anyway, after some time of working on this assignment, my daughter came to my room and asked me to turn down the sound on my laptop or put in headphones! I guess I got the desired impact from my sound clip. Hopefully you don’t like it anymore than I did!

And, just to send you unhappily on your way, here is a fun YouTube video of the 13 most annoying sounds. Can you last through all 13?

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