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Analyze A Movie Clip

For this assignment, I watched the Top 10 UNFORGETTABLE Movie Scenes of ALL TIME. Since I reviewed a clip on The Shining in my last blog post, Reading A Movie, I decided to continue with it for this blog post. The clip below contains scenes from several movies. Start at 3 minutes and 19 seconds […]

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Reading A Movie

This week, my digital studies class focused on video. The video resources I reviewed this week were by far the most useful to me compared with the previous weeks’ resources. In the past, I received an Associate’s Degree in Multimedia. It was fairly comprehensive. Additionally, I spent more than 10 years doing freelance graphic design […]

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Thoughts About Audio Storytelling

“War of the Worlds” 1938 Radio Broadcast The broadcast aired on Halloween in 1938. One thing I noted was the constant return to very upbeat and soothing music throughout the broadcast. From my understanding, the radio show was live, so effects were employed to make it seem that interviews were happening in other places. For […]

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Visual Assignment Pt. 1

The information about taking pictures was interesting. Having taken multiple architecture research classes, I’ve already taken part in several lessons about taking photos using a camera. Most of the information presented in my digital studies course reiterated what I already knew. One suggestion that I would like to consider for future photos is to take […]

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