Video Summary

Video Week Assignments:

  1. Reading A Movie
  2. Analyze A Movie Clip
  3. My Story
  4. Ebert Eye
  5. Every Hour Vlog

Video Summary

What did you learn?

I learned about camera angles and what they might mean. Things like zooming in/out, over the shoulder shots, low/high angles, etc., all have different meanings. Each one tells a story to the viewer even if the viewer isn’t quite aware of it. The newest concept for me was the rule of thirds. I’ve heard of this before in photography but had no idea that it pertained to movies as well.

Check out this article on the rule of thirds to learn more.

Beautiful Scenic Composition (Capture Landscapes)  •  Rule of thirds grid

What was harder than you thought it would be?

The video assignments in the assignment bank were all pretty difficult and time consuming. I wasn’t excited to do any of them. Editing is fairly easy. It’s just slow. Sometimes it took a lot of processing power. My poor laptop was running hot for some time while I completed these assignments.

The Every Hour Vlog I did took nearly an hour to process. I didn’t even add sound or effects to it due to the long process time. With more time and a better computer, I would have liked to add sound to it.

What was easier?

The easiest part was editing videos. I like editing videos. I just don’t like creating them.

What drove you crazy? Why?

Recording my life drove me crazy. I want to be a content creator, but I don’t necessarily want to be on the screen. I would like to be behind the camera, maybe narrating or something. The Every Hour Vlog was really not fun. I kept forgetting to record. And when I did remember, my schedule didn’t allow for stopping a recording. Plus, I spend 1/4 of my day driving, so the driving clips are longer than everything else.

What did you enjoy? Why?

I enjoyed analyzing movie clips according to Ebert’s theories. I found this quite fun, actually. In the future, I might just do this while watching tv shows and such to see what I can learn. I don’t think I gain any new information from doing this, but I do understand why I am getting certain thoughts about whatever I’m watching. I’m definitely being influenced by camera angles, lighting, dialogue, sound effects, etc.

In case you missed it, here is the video where I tried my hand at reading a video clip from American Psycho.

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