Design Summary

Design Week Assignments:

  1. Reflection on the Vignelli Canon
  2. DesignBlitz Photo Safari
  3. Face The Odds: Adds Text to a Photo
  4. Create A T-Shirt: Add Yourself From One Photo to Another Photo
  5. Create A Movie Poster: Modifies A Photo

Design Summary

What did you learn?

This week, I learned that design is complicated. There are so many elements that go into creating a good design that I wasn’t aware of until this week. During this whole week, I probably spent about 10 hours just reviewing information focused on design. And that would have been more if all of the provided links had worked! Really, it was a little overwhelming. My main takeaways from this week are about keeping things simple. From typography, to colors, to other visual elements, it is important to streamline my choices. This doesn’t mean shirking on quality or cost. This is a minimalistic approach. Less is often more.

What was harder than you thought it would be?

By far, the hardest thing for me is finding free programs which allow me to make the necessary edits to complete these assignments. Most of the free programs have limited uses of various elements before asking you to pay money. In the past, I used Photoshop CS5 professionally. Since then, Photoshop has changed a lot and it’s even more expensive. I can’t spend so much money on a program that my computer barely has the capability to run. I’m trying to avoid programs like Gimp. In sticking with a minimalistic approach, I also want to keep my apps simplified. I want maximum impact for minimum cost and processing power. I really thought there would be more free programs out there. I’m slowly upgrading my design arsenal, but it is taking a lot or research and time.

What was easier?

It is becoming much easier to manage my time. I was able to get some blog posts out earlier this week, which makes more sense than having five posts on the assignment due date. While no one is publicly viewing this blog, if they were, they would be overwhelmed with the number of posts that I put out on Sundays. I feel better about my progress this week. Perhaps in the next week, I’ll be able to space my assignments out over each day of the week. That is probably the idea situation.

What drove you crazy? Why?

Broken links drove me a little crazy this week. Last week, there were one or two. This week, there were quite a few. Other links could not be accessed by clicking on them. Instead, I had to copy the link address, open up a browser tab, and then past the address in that new tab. It isn’t a ton of work, but it definitely makes things move slower when you have to do it for twenty or more links. I’m often working from car, listening to videos and audio while driving or at work, so it’s better for me to have a streamlined approach to accessing materials. At this rate though, the class will be over very soon. I suppose I can deal with it for a couple more weeks.

What did you enjoy? Why?

This week, I began to take a cumulative look at my progress digitally. While a lot of the assignments annoy me, such as the Daily Creates, I am still learning. The learning is minute, yes, but at least it is happening. I like feeling like I’m making progress. As a digital hoarder, I also enjoy gathering lists of free programs. I especially love being able to direct others to these free resources online. I’m all for freedom and access of information.

Big picture: I’m starting to prioritize digital content creation. These smaller projects help me realize that it’s not so difficult or time-consuming to create quick content. Additionally, I’m becoming more proficient with completing some of the larger projects in a timely fashion. I’m not sure yet how this will translate into my own life outside of school. I guess I’ll know more once this course ends.

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